The rapid evolution of media, technology, the changing rhythms of everyday life, the continuous information requires the change of direction in "customer-centric" services with emphasis on timely and reliable information, counseling and support, trust and proposing alternative pathways and guidelines with modern ideas, innovative tools, systematized actions and renewable knowledge. Causes ... Our own personal vision for the joint investment and development through new ideas and opportunities at all levels either through organized systems and procedures or through private initiatives.

Our goal ... is to provide advisory support and business development guidance to individuals, businesses and organizations in the private and public sector. Against the signs of the times and monitoring the socio-economic changes, our goal is to innovate focusing on the exploitation of new opportunities, management proposals and "tools".

Furthermore education and training for the development of new entrepreneur and the human capital is an important tool for the development of new and existing SMEs and consolidating organizations and business units worldwide in the changing labor market. 


Four people (4), joint investment in vision (obs-ideris)

4obs Consulting idea was conceived and developed by a group of young qualified scientists with extensive experience in the private sector and specialized studies on multiple levels and sectors:

The broad circle of external collaborators, the knowledge of a) labor market structures and requirements, b) the vision for new workable ideas in newly formed business, inspire us to create appropriate conditions in order to invest in education, development and innovation.


Why us?

  • Market Knowledge

  • Valid Information

  • Quality of Services

  • Direct Results

  • Offering solutions

  • Focusing on Innovation

    Our motto...         “We invest in growth and innovation, evolving together”

Business Consulting

Our company 4obs Consulting having humanistic culture, is focusing on achieving goals on behalf of their clients, utilizing sources of growth, investment and financing and managing the most of your business evolution by applying innovative "tools" and dynamic methodological approaches. In this context, 4obs Consulting provide expert advisory services (sub) support to find new funding opportunities, holding on to most of European and national support programs and investments aiming the development of the entrepreneur, the development of the business itself and employees with a vision to improve the position of the Greek market in the operational process. The Services of 4obs Consulting are:

  • Development, Management and Implementing Business Plans.

  • Feasibility studies.

  • Project Management- Technical Support\\Consulting.

  • Conducting and Implementing Business Plans in the context of NSRF 2014-2020 and management of the projects until their completion.

  • Submitting and implementing Research national and European programs, supervision and management during implementation and until completion.

  • Create, develop and implement innovative ideas and solutions. 


European Projects submitted and managed by our company:

  • Erasmus+

  • Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

  • EaSI

  • Europe for Citizens

  • Creative Europe

  • Interreg


  • CLLD (LEADER) 2014-2020


  • LIFE 2014-2020

  • Horizon 2020 


National Projects submitted and managed by our company:

Operational programs in which we participate, we design and implement all stages, from the participation of your business up to the end of the administration of that program:

  • Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong Learning

  • Competitiveness Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • Transport Infrastructure, Environment and Sustainable Development Reforming Public Sector
    Technical Assistance

Regional Operational Programs

Integrated Territorial Investments

  • Local Development Initiative with Local Communities (TAPTK)

National Investment Law

Financing Tools

  • Entrepreneurship Fund (TEPICH)

  • Credit Guarantee Fund (TEPICH)

  • Jeremie

  • Jessica

  • Ελενα 


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