Autism Awareness in Cyprus 2019

There were a number of initiatives for Autism Awareness in Cyprus, including all antiquity buildings being lit up blue, plus local street marches with banner waving families and supporters. 

One exciting focus has been the Autism in the Air campaign. 
Transition from home to destination can be difficult for many. For those with Autism it can be all just too much, which puts a stop to family holidays abroad, or any aircraft travel. 

This year Cyprus Hermes Airports led the way on making air travel easier for individuals with Autism. 

Throughout the Autism awareness day period the main round-abouts and entrances of Larnaka and Pafos airports were illuminated blue with the aim of raising autism awareness among passengers and airport visitors.  

Cyprus Airways led the "AUTISM IN THE AIR" initiative. Members of our local Famagusta Aiya Napa Autism Society were among sixty children and adults with autism and their guardians who were invited to visit Larnaca airport to participate in a scheduled air travel simulation.
The simulation started at the airport entrance, through to departures, following the necessary steps starting from the check-in process and ending on an aircraft, where approximately 120 participants – children and guardians – followed the planned procedures and safety instructions ahead of take-off.
The aircraft taxied for 20 minutes, giving children and adolescents with autism, and their families, the opportunity to prepare and familiarise themselves with the procedures involved in a flight.”






Titolo: A hollistic approach of person-centred planning for people with Autism - AUTISM_PCP

Durata: 36 mesi

Ente cofinanziatore: Unione Europea, Programma Erasmus+, KA204

Ente capofila: Cyclisis

Altri membri N-DSA-N: Maendeleo for ChildrenScuola Smaranda Gheorghiu, D.A.D.A.A, MSSA

Web Site:

Obiettivo: il progetto si propone di fornire alle persone affette da Sindrome dello Spettro Autistico – e a coloro che se ne prendono cura – le conoscenze e gli strumenti di Life Planning necessari ad affrontare periodi di “transizione” e/o situazioni quotidiane di particolare stress e ansia attraverso un approccio di pianificazione centrato sulla persona.

Attività: attraverso il progetto verrà realizzato un manuale di formazione per fornire a coloro che si prendono cura di persone affette da Sindrome dello Spettro Autistico tutti gli strumenti necessari a supportarli nell’implementazione del sistema di pianificazione centrato sulla persona che verrà sviluppato durante l’implementazione del progetto. Verrà inoltre realizzato un master formativo della durata di 6 mesi rivolto a educatori, insegnanti, formatori, mentori, coach ed altri operatori, per la diffusione di questo approccio innovativo.

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