Afesmo activities are focused in four axes:

  1. Day Centre for people with disabilities. This area includes several services like:
    1. Psychosocial Intervention Programme.
    2. Assistance Home Services.
    3. Occupational Activities.
    4. Work insertion Programme.
    5. Support and training for families.
    6. Leisure programme.
    7. Mental health promotion and awareness.
    8. Volunteer promotion.
    9. Eating area.
    10. Transportation service.
  2. Sheltered houses:
    1. Assistance programme
    2. Monitoring and assessment


  1. Personal Autonomy Promotion Service
    1. Social Club. 
    2. Independent ways of life promotion
    3. Shared houses.


Psychosocial Rehabilitation Intervention Programme

The main goal of this service is provide a space where people with mental disabilities and their families can receive emotional, psychological, healthcare and social support.  These supports expect to get the maximum integration in their societies and improve their quality of life.

In this programme there are individual and group levels.

Assistance Home Service

Afesmo provides this service for day centre users and their families.

Assistance home service activity starts when a professional requests it. The professional team are composed by psychologists and social workers.

Leisure programme

Leisure is a key factor for emotional, social and psychological balance. This programme is considered essential for people with mental illness. 

In this programme is supported and promoted active participation in leisure activities which are organized by Afesmo.

Social Volunteer programme

Reducing social isolation, stigma, and difficulties to participate in our society with equal opportunities are one of the goals of this programme.

Permanent training is another advantage for volunteers who are in this programme.

Occupational activities

Implementation of occupational activities by people with mental illness not only is very useful to achieve or recover knowledge, skills, and aptitudes to development ordinary tasks but also these activities get autonomy and integration at maximum level. Some examples of these activities are workshops about ceramic, imitation jewellery, news and magazine, music, theatre.

Work insertion Programme

Afesmo develops this programme to improve, not only the minimum skills to work, but also increase of knowledge and autonomy to get and carry out a job.

Some examples courses of this programme are:

  1. Kitchen assistant
  2. Informatics course
  3. Car Washing course


Support and formation for families

Inside of this programme there are several areas of work:

  1. Reception, information and advice for families
  2. Parents and families of people with mental health problem school.
  3. Mutual aid group
  4. Family therapy


Leisure programme

The leisure programme is, among other things, an important and useful therapy tool. Besides leisure has a big component of freedom. Leisure programme is used for Afesmo to get over needs and dissatisfaction of life.

Some leisure activities have been realised are:

  • Cultural and leisure trips
  • Weekend and trips to promote communal living
  • Participation in local and/or regional football leagues
  • Others sport activities: Swimming pool, basketball, paddle tennis, ping pong…

Promotion and awareness of mental health issues

The main goal of this programme is increase awareness of mental health in our society.  Afesmo would like contribute to change marginalization social attitude.

Some examples of these activities have been:

  • Volunteering and charity fair.
  • Health fair of Molina de Segura.
  • Music concerts.

Promotion of volunteerism

The main aim of this programme is to keep train volunteers. After this formation period, these volunteers will be ready to be the link among people with mental illness and society.

Activities you can find inside of this programme:

  • Leisure and social life programme. Volunteers work with families and people with mental illness to facilitate the access to community social resources.
  • Volunteer support in awareness and promotion of mental health programme
  • Volunteer supports in different activities in headquarter of Afesmo.


Eating area

All user of Afesmo Daily Centre use this service not only to lunch, but also to socialise among them.

Besides, to motivate and promotion work insertion of users, six users help and support in restoration tasks.


People transport Service

Daily this service brings 70 out of 90 people users of the daily centre. For this service Afesmo has got two vans and a little bus and the correspondent crew.

This service provides transport to different district from Molina de Segura and little towns from Vega Media Region of Murcia.


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