Overall, iBonis European Research Projects S.L. it is a startup which it works in three areas, information technology, society and health. We have always had a special affinity on Mental Health, linked through research and innovation, we try to develop technological solutions focused on the well-being of individuals by means of analysis of information in social and health habits of sectors of population.

Based in Sant Cugat del Vallès, a city near Barcelona, the main objectives of the company are the creation of technological tools that help to encourage European and international societies through a divulgation and promotion of the welfare and development of individuals. For this reason, it offers to the social actors, learning resources and manager of knowledge in aspects of health, mental well-being and personal promotion.

On the other hand, the company is aligned with several programs promoted from the European Union specifically inclusive, innovate and reflective societies, health, demographic change and wellbeing and science with and for society.

Its staff component, with over 15 years of experience, from different fields such as information technology, physics, psychology, psychiatry, neurology and sociology as well as university and research collaborators.

We aware that there are new challenges that may appear by society in general and more particularly in Europe, about new threats that affect the mental health of the most vulnerable individuals such as adolescents, elderly people or people at risk of exclusion, we research new lines of early detection of these threats and the development of resources to get to know them better.

Finally, we know the significant of transferring knowledge and collaboration in research and development with other SMEs, research and technological organizations, health clinic, educational organizations, etc..For this reason, iBonis European Research Projects S.L. is partner of several clusters and technological networks like NDSAN.

To know some of our projects, to extend information and contact please visit http://www.ibonis.info.

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