Interregional Academy of Personnel Management (Ukraine) was founded in 1989 as a private higher educational and scientific institution

The IAPM is the biggest private economic and humanity higher educational institution of Ukraine. Here study students (more than 19 000) from 39 countries, of 27 specialties, 141 specializations. The IAPM offers study programmes in the three levels of higher education: BA; MA and Doctorates (PhD).

The IAPM consists of the Presidential University (the city of Kyiv) and the All-Ukrainian University. The IAPM has institutes, branches, subsidiaries all over Ukraine.

The main priorities of IAPM are: promotion of the democratic development trends of society; improving the quality of education. Flexible educational policy allows for the University to effectively apply innovations in order to be a leading university in the development of educational, professional and social competencies in the Ukrainian society. The IAPM support all progressive social initiatives.

Since 1989 the University graduated many famous students. Among them present prime-minister of Ukraine, several parliamentarians, ministers and ex-ministers.

The wide net of filial, branches of IAPM will be used as a platform for dissemination of project activities. The information events (seminars, round tables etc) will be presented in various regions all over Ukraine via IAPM' Institutions. The IAPM's telecommunication resources give us great opportunities to disseminate project information with our Institutions (filial, branches etc) in order to embrace various regions of Ukraine in a short time.

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