Komunikujeme o.p.s. - public benefit corporation, is a non-profit organization based in Prague, Czech Republic, focused on the preparation, implementation, administration, termination and sustainability of projects co-financed by the Structural Funds.

The general aim of the organization is to proceed a better climate in the society (by all means), that are involving in a European level and Euro-citizenship. Main objectives offer to carry out activities concerning education, health and humanitarian, sports, culture, employment and social work as well as volunteering.

Our main activities:

  • Active participation in education and propagation of healthy lifestyle among youths and general citizens.
  • Working on projects focused on children, youth, sports, relationships, health and environment.
  • Working with specific target groups and social incorporation, spare-time activities.
  • Implementation of project activities, cooperation within the scope of implementation of EU projects, as well as global projects, in any area supported by the European Union or international countries, including advice and consultations in preparation of these projects.
  • Assistance to families, education consultations, jobs at free labour market, supported and protected jobs, independent supported and protected living, treatment, home care.
  • Consulting and training services focused on personal development and job prospects.
  • Fight against bullying and cyberbullying among youths.
  • Promoting tolerance, cooperation and leisure activities between citizens.
  • Activation, development and spreading of cultural and other socially beneficial activities including organization and support of cultural events and activities with objective of active involvement of the population


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