The Filippide Association proposes to organise the European competition for autistic people – ECAP- as the first European not-for-profit event promoting social inclusion of athletes with autistic syndrome.  The ECAP event taking place in Rome in September 2017 aims at increasing visibility of sport events promoting inclusion, by targeting participation of disadvantaged groups, training paths and cooperation among public institutions. The ECAP will increase participation in physical activities with a focus on grassroots sports as running and swimming, by supporting the sport for all concept, sport participation, working and volunteering in sports.   
The applicant selected 12 organisations representing participants from 12 Eu States actively contributing to preparation, implementation and dissemination activities within the project. The ECAP will target several groups: young autistic athletes, participating organisations, families, social workers of the sport sector, external stakeholders as public authorities, civil society organisations and other NGOs. By innovating the sport domain with new sport training practices and by raising awareness on intellectual disabilities at EU level, the project will perform the following activities: 
- Run for autism: two race variations performed during the ECAP event as open competitions including autistic and neurotypical athletes. 
- Swimming cup for autistic athletes. 
- ECAP opening ceremony introducing the event following the model of the Olympic games. 
- Autism Multisport day training athletes for swimming, running and sailing sport competitions. 
- Sport training activities: organised twice during the project to draft, develop and test new sport training programmes targeted at the needs of autistic athletes and delivered as on-site and e-learning activities.  
- Seminar: participating organisations and external stakeholders related to the disability sport sector share their best practices.


At European level the same stakeholders might be involved in new policy practices as well: shared knowledge and experiences favour the establishment of new policy frameworks. In this regard, the European cooperation might advance the European legislation and policies in the sport sector. On the other side, national regulations related to the sector could improve European cooperation: states where an advanced legislation is already in place might represent a reference point for new countries where the sector is still under-construction.

The active participation of the Project Filippide in the network NDSAN and the endorsement ensured by the network to the project ECAP constitute a strong factor of sustainability, first of all because NDSAN represents more than 50 members in 8 Italian regions and in 8 European and extra European countries, and more than 500 stakeholders in Italy, Switzerland, Canada, France, Turkey, DR Congo and others Countries.

The network NDSAN will organize a contact point to collect new partnerships and include new entities in the network. One of the purposes of NDSAN is the development of common projects of high quality linked to autism and paediatric neuropsychiatry in general. 


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