SUPPORTED BY:  Erasmus+ (KA2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices - Sector Skills Alliances)

Call: EACEA/04/2017


RE.New.All Skills – Real Estate New Alternative Skills


A change of approaches and perspectives is now affecting Real Estate activities in Europe, asking to overcome the traditional buying & selling logic and increase the influence of managerial culture in the sector, integrating VET with the fundamentals for developing an integrated management of profitable assets, inspired by innovation in the management of space, energy resources, and other facilities.

RENEWAL intends to define and promote a new set of knowledge, skills and competencies for Real Estate occupations, tackling a specific skills gap by integrating Health knowledge in VET of Real Estate Managers for the development of innovative and profitable solutions in Workplace Management. Partners representing the Real Estate & Facility Management sector, technical partners in the field of Health, and VET providers will take part in a participatory process of contents production through a multidisciplinary research activity.

A European Pilot VET Programme (RENEWAL learning programme), targeting new graduates and professionals, will be, therefore, designed, tested and validated. 30 European new graduates and professionals will be involved in its delivery/testing phase, experiencing non-formal and informal learning, also through work-based learning mobility experiences. A learning outcome approach will pave the way towards assessment, recognition and validation, setting the conditions for a possible integration of RENEWAL skills/competencies under the ESCO classification of Real Estate occupations.  National competent institutions and other EU interlocutors for the ECVET implementation, Real Estate Agencies, Universities and other VET providers and stakeholders - will be gathered to start discussions within a Permanent Forum for the promotion of RENEWAL learning outcomes. Project website will be used as a platform also for sharing the produced OERs and for the management of the RENEWAL Permanent Forum, in the perspective of project follow up and sustainability.


Partners Involved

MasterandSkills Srl (Italy), ASSOKNOWLEDGE (Italy), eFM SPA (Italy), ASPECT –MANAGEMENT AND INTERCULTURAL RELATIONS (Bulgaria), NGO MY WORLD ASSOCIATION (Bulgaria), G.G. EUROSUCCESS CONSULTING LIMITED (Cyprus), Pyramid Services Ltd (Cyprus), TOJAS INVESTIMENTOS, LDA (Portugal), UBImedical (Portugal), Tsikrikoni (Greece), I-Box Create S.L. (Spain), IBONIS EUROPEAN RESEARCH PROJECTS S.L. (Spain).

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