Incubation structure targeted at accelerating the transference of knowledge and technology to the market in the fields related with health and life. Incubation area for accelerating startups targeted at the development of new high tech products/solutions/services, and for installing health and life related mature companies. In the pre-incubation phase, entrepreneurs can use coworking spaces, access to specialized consultancy that will explore and develop the product/service, be supported in the development of the business model and planning, as well as use other complementary services (juridical support, fiscal support, leaning events, and others). Ubimedical has 8 laboratories allowing for the knowledge cross-fertilization, and providing services to industry and community, in the fields of pharmaco-toxicology, exposure to radon effects and health risks, health in buildings, biosensors and instrumentation, general pathophysiology, neurophysiology, and vision.


Ubimedical connects the university with the business and community world. Created to streamline the transference of knowledge in the quest for new technologies, Ubimedical allows companies to develop research and lab tests needed for the trade of new products and services. 

Ubimedical, integrated in University of Beira Interior, is the spot for any innovative entrepreneur to exploit, validate and grow. Besides startups, Ubimedical also embraces more developed companies in the related fields of actuation, having an excellent idea and facing the challenges of growing globally, as well as lone entrepreneurs seeking for support to expand the business internationally. We support and nurture an idea in the Health and Life sector, helping to pass the death valley, making use and exploiting our growing ecosystem. In fact, due to our ecosystem supported by companies, hospitals, municipalities, other research institutions, funding institutions and tech transfer consultants, we spur the market validation phase by bridging ideas and entrepreneurs and market.

Based in Covilhã, Portugal, we are in a central location between Lisbon and Madrid. Ubimedical is integrated in a vast national and international network that will spur and embrace technological ideas, offering the project the needed landscape and structure that will allow to grow it.

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