N-DSA-N (New DSA Network) is an innovative network aimed at the participatory design between public and private actors dealing with disorders and pathologies of child and adolescent neuropsychiatry. The network is engaged in the research and development of innovative methodologies in the field, inspired by an integrated approach to the management of neurodevelopmental disorders and pathologies, such as Autism, learning disabilities and other Special Needs, that are constantly increasing among children and teenagers.


One of the strengths of N-DSA-N is the ability to develop partnerships aimed at participating in direct or indirect European Calls or private Bodies and Foundations, which thanks to the support of the experts of the Team has a very high success rate, and in fact the Network, founded in 2014 in Lazio, has spread quickly throughout Italy and in many countries around the world thanks to the high success rate of the projects submitted.



The N-DSA-N project, born in 2014 thanks to a regional funding (Lazio Region, Italy) and started by Istituto Comprensivo Statale Pestalozzi (Torvaianica, Rome) and MFC - Maendeleo for Children NPO, with the scientific patronage of the Italian Society for e-Health and Telemedicine, is currently expanding not just in Italy and Europe, but throughout all over the world!



N-DSA-N has the typical imprinting of strategic partnership with high European added value, based on a new way of network design, aimed to facilitate the development of innovations thanks to the collaboration among public and private sectors, profit and non-profit entities.

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Won projects: 25 (20 in progress and 5 concluded)


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