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“Mental Health: Global challenges of XXI century”

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La IV International Conference “Mental Health: global challenges of XXI century” è stata organizzata virtualmente e dunque nel totale rispetto delle normative anti-covid.

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“Mental Health: Global challenges of XXI century”

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The IV International Conference “Mental Health: global challenges of XXI century” is organized in online-virtual format in order to ensure long-termed and continued effect in promotion of Mental Health globally.


  • to raise awareness to challenges of the current Mental Health and political, social and medical environment

  • to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and development of (non)-academic MHC researchers, practitioners and policy-makers

  • to promote high quality research on MH in developing and in-transition countries

Our main Results:

  • Geography: our participants and Speakers are persons from all continents of the world. Including even Antarctic (researchers in Antarctic expeditions)

  • Institutional Environment: 

  • International: World Federation for Mental Health; Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning; International Foundation “Renaissance”

  • Governmental: Ombudsman Office (Ukraine); National Antarctic Scientific Centre

  • Academic: University of Mannitoba, Vrije University (Amsterdam), University of Thessaly, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Imperial College London, University of Crete, Alexandria University, Institute for Social and Political Psychology, Bogomolets National Medical University …

  • Civil Society Sector: NDSAN, PeacFullMind Foundation (UN Global Compact member), Association “Mental Health Albania”, Management & Business Academy, Union of Medical Doctors for Education and Health Promotion, Chamber of Cooperation and Incentive to Partnership, Zanzibar Psychiatric Association, KAB Welfare Foundation, Bipocos, Pyramind Services, Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital

  • Wide spectrum of topics relating to Mental Health: COVID, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Orthorexia Nervosa, Antarctic, Rights of patients, Palliative care, Loneliness … 

  • Dissemination and Research: more than 20 selected papers were published in International Journals with wide geography:

  • Mental Health: Global Challenges Journal ( )

  • MHGC Proceeding (Italy)

  • Journal of Organizational Studies and Innovations (UK)

  • Scientific Studios on Social and Political Psychology (Ukraine)

  • Awareness-rising Activities: Mental Health Literacy Event (01.10-09.10 2020)

Official information

Official information

For further information

Dr. Viktor Vus

PhD in psychology, Associate Professor

Editor-in-chief of the journal “Mental Health: global challenges” 

Coordinatore della Conferenza Internazionale sul tema del Mental Health Care “Mental Health: global challenges of XXI century”.


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