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The In-Attività project - Together Actively in the Third Age- proposed by APS Maendeleo for Children (MfC) intends to promote the importance of physical activity in and for elderly people by supporting people over 65 - especially those in involuntary loneliness - in taking care of oneself through an innovative integrated model that focuses on psychophysical, personalized and integrated well-being. Specifically, the project aims to respond in a tangible way to the needs of one of the most fragile categories, the elderly, the most affected by the consequences of isolation due to COVID-19, helping them to overcome isolation by keeping on taking care of themselves, even inside their house. The project focuses on the concept of a model that can combine, both at a distance and in presence, the achievement of the elderly in the territory and many others in Italy, who are forced to stay at home without being able to carry out fundamental activities that benefit their physical and mental health.

The project will also work for the inclusion in the program of people with neurodegenerative diseases or cognitive disabilities even with different ages, in an integrated perspective, to study a highly inclusive model of mutual relational management between fragile targets.


1° LEVEL – UMBRIA REGION (in particular the territories of Terni, Narni, Amelia and the neighboring municipalities)


3° LEVEL – EUROPE and neighboring countries


Adapted Physical Activity (AFA) online

Adapted Physical Exercise (EFA) online


a) People over 65 without specific pathologies

b) People over 65 with some specific pathologies (including co-morbidities), in particular

b1) Type 1 Diabetes

b2) Major overweight/obesity

b3) Inflammations/pains/disorders at lumbar level, back, cervical

b4) Osteoporosis

c) People over 18 with intellectual-relational or cognitive disabilities (in particular AutisticSpectrum Syndrome, Down Syndrome, Cognitive retardation, etc ...)


3 online sessions of about 40'-45 '


• 1 tablet or 1 pc with stable internet connection

• 1 caregiver - where necessary - to accompany the exercises and/or to support the connection

Signature of consent to the processing of personal and health/sensitive data (with communication to the operators and project technicians of the specific pathologies). In absence of communication and consent regarding their own pathologies, it is possible to participate in the sessions of AFA only, under one's own responsibility.

1 start-up test, 1 intermediate test, 1 final test (strength measurement tests in the upper and lower limbs, etc.) to be done together with the online operators and with the support of 1 caregiver, if needed.


• 2 half-liter bottles of water

• 1 chair with backrest

• 1 broomstick

• 1 mat (if the person is able to get off the ground)


The project also foreseen to structure an awareness campaign on the importance of well-being in the third age

and on initiatives to combat loneliness and isolation. The communication and dissemination activity plays a

central role in the dissemination of the inclusion model developed by the project. In particular, by carrying out

a local information campaign, it will be possible to raise awareness among citizens on the issue of the inclusion

of the elderly and their psycho-physical well-being, and to promote the replicability of the In-Attività project and the activities that characterize it. Specifically, MfC expresses its interest through the creation of local, national and international networks and institutional lobbying for the development of social inclusion policies in its fields of activity. In fact MFC is the promoter of the international New DSA Network (N-DSA-N) a network of more than 100 public and private actors, Italian, European and extra-European, active on different themes and targets related to social inclusion and mental health (children, women, migrants, the elderly).

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