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SPORTISM: Sport & Disabilities. Autism in children and adolescents.

Sport & Disabilities: Autism in children and adolescents. International study launchedco-fundedby the Erasmus Plus Programme. Improving Coordination to Enhance Social Inclusion of Peoplewith Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

In 2000, statisticsspoke of 1 in 150 children/adolescents diagnosed with autism. In 2018 (latestavailable data) we moved to 1 in 44 children/adolescents. Areal emergency that requiresNew Approaches, New Professional Update tools, a renewedinvolvement of Institutions to improve the quality of life of people with ASD and their families.In this context, a combination of 5 different organisations fromSlovenia,Italy, Croatia, Serbia andRomaniameans stimulating exchange of good practices, methodologies, knowledge betweendifferent countries that respond to a common need.

SPORTISM, that’s the name of the projectco-funded by Erasmus Plus Programme! The titleexpresses the challenge of investigating a new path–a sort of new Sport-Autism duo.The role ofphysicalactivityand sport in people's lives: especially in children and adolescents withASD, intellectual and multiple disabilities because it helps them improving not only their physicalcondition, but alsotheir self-esteem, social skills and behaviour and supports them in establishinga positive lifestyle.

Thanks to the contribution of the European Commission SPORTISM proposes something trulyinnovative. In fact, during the life project everyone will be able to access revolutionary tools andcontents for professional development as:

a.manuals with video materials for improving motor skills of balance and coordinationas crucial basic motor skills; e-training diary for monitoring the progress of motor development;c.aweb platform for accessibility of information, cooperation and networking ofprofessionals from the field of working with children and adolescents with ASD, intellectual and multiple disabilities.

In order to encourage discussion and debate at all levels, all

material produced by the working groupwill be sent to stakeholders

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